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I'm a creative leader, design thinker and brand builder with over +15 years of experience connecting the dots between brands and the people that consume or utilize their services. 

I'm a nimble design thinker and strategist with the ability to successfully tell stories, develop concepts and inspire high-performance teams to serve corporate and marketing efforts. My skill sets fuel a passion for driving engagement through meaningful brand experiences for internal and external clients while generating brand awareness. I champion immersive brand experience across all mediums and defend visual and experiential consistency by empowering others to be brand advocates.


Throughout my career, I've expanded my skills to user experience/user interface design, information design, visual design, video/audio production, research and business strategy. 

Over the span of my professional career, I've worked for a variety of industries,  corporate and non-profit environments. My professional and freelance work experience has allowed me to explore many design avenues which in turn has created a solid framework for my career as a creative.

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